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Our Pedigree :-)

Mac School, Cumbria is extensively listed and recommended across the internet and in business and training directories throughout the UK; especially in local directories across all of Cumbria. We have never paid for any kind of advertising. We do not have banner advertising nor do we have product tie-ins with any Companies.

We teach courses on the Mac to people from all kinds of backgrounds, whether social, national, religious or ethnic.

Mac School Cumbria conducts all of its Courses on an Equal Opportunities basis. We are not elitist in our approach and are only ever professional. We are friendly and helpful with all of our students and teach each student as the only person that matters.

What Makes us Good:
We Think Differently :-)

We teach each student from the point where they stand. Students are asked and ask questions as they go along with their course of learning and this greatly encourages and assists each student in their individual learning process. This is something that a large classroom of students does not afford, and allows students to monitor their own personal progress.

Here at Mac School we have honesty and integrity and people respect us for that. Mac School was born out of the desire to teach other Mac users how to get the best out of their Macintosh and what they want to do with it.

If any of the Courses that we offer are of interest, then Mac School is for you.

What is Mac School Cumbria?

Mac School teaches Macintosh computer courses on a one-to-one basis in Ulverston, Cumbria, for adults who would like to have the benefit of individual Macintosh tuition.

We have Macintosh courses for beginners, previous students, experienced Mac users and business students who wish to progress further and learn new applications, such as Acrobat™ and Photoshop™. There are five courses to choose from. We welcome Windows users who would like to take a course (on a Mac, of course :-(

Students from outside of the area are also welcome on our courses. We also offer some
residential courses. Please check the courses for more details.

Mac School tuition is provided by a long-time Macintosh teacher, JL Farmer, who, along with her husband, David, teach Mac School Cumbria. Together they have more than 37 years of computing and teaching experience.

Each Mac School course is on a one-to-one basis, which allows the student to progress at his or her own pace - nobody is made to feel like a genius or a failure. All Mac School Courses are taught on Mac OS 10.5x.

Before enrolling in a Course, an informal discussion, by phone or email, with the prospective student allows both student and tutor to assess the various aspects of the course. Students who are absolute beginners may only take the Beginners Course. We will not throw involved teaching at beginners when we know that the teaching is beyond the student's comprehension. We will only ever be fair and honest in this respect. We cannot be responsible for any student who is new to the Macintosh who enrols or talks their way onto one of the three other courses (Photoshop, website or Acrobat courses.)

All of the Courses that are offered are designed to give a broad and decent overview of the Mac and the applications involved. In this respect, all Courses are Beginners Courses. We do not yet offer Advanced Courses in any realm. The teaching of all Courses will teach you the groundwork basics and main functions of using the applications involved, so that, with practice, you may become proficient in their usage.

Printed handouts are given at each teaching point, which are then added to the student's file. All materials are provided with the course. A CD will be given to the student during Lesson 2 of each Course and this may be updated with the student's work at the end of Lesson 5.

People love Mac School. It's happy, friendly and you learn a lot of things in a wonderful peaceful atmosphere, and you get to collect a big folder to take home with you and keep for the future.

Homework during the Course: We ask that the student allocates a personal time of homework revision of at least two hours, in between each lesson of the course. In this way you will get the maximum from your course. You must revise what you have learnt, and put it into practice, otherwise you will forget - guaranteed. Homework assignments are essential for the Photoshop CS Stage 1 Certificate Course.

Classes are held at
the Mac Studio in Ulverston, Cumbria. Tea, coffee or soft drink and biscuits are served during a short break. All Mac School classes are non-smoking (but you may use the smoking area, if you wish.) *Also please note that the use of a mobile phone for incoming or outgoing calls during lessons is not allowed. Mobiles must be switched off when entering the premises.

Each student that completes a Beginners course will receive a Mac School Certificate of Completion. This means that you will have a Mac School Certificate to show that you are a competent user of the Macintosh, and have completed the elements of the application software that you have used. Students who complete the Photoshop CS Course and have done their homework assignments will receive a Certificate of Completion for Photoshop Stage I that shows that they are completely au-fait with Photoshop at Stage 1 level. Students who complete their four Photoshop homework assignments will receive their certificate 'With Merit'.

As an example, students may be able to use their training at Mac School as a springboard to a great job in the graphics department of a company that is willing to give further training and employment in Photoshop and/or graphic design and desktop publishing.

Book your place in Mac School and you will be taking a big step in the right direction of being master over your machine and what you want to achieve with it.

For quality Macintosh training we recommend these Courses to you!

Courses offered at Mac School Cumbria

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