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©Mac School, 2007

I'm Suzie Thorne, I live in Cornwall and I took the Beginner's Course with Adobe Photoshop in April and May 2007.

This Course was a personal discovery of the amazing facilities provided by the Macintosh computer and it opened my eyes to many good possibilities. To have this Mac School teaching to guide me along the way to discovery and to have the Course files to refer back to afterwards is great - and I get to keep them afterwards. The biggest advantage of all for me is that this Mac School Course has given me the confidence to use the Mac and to explore on my own, which I am now able to do. For me, this is what education is all about - to point in the right direction and help the student to gain the confidence to try new things.

©Mac School, 2003

Hello! My name is Brian Graham and I live near Carlisle. I did the Mac School Beginner's Course, with digital camera and scanner, over a three day period, in November 2003. I had a gap day on Day 2, when I worked at home on different AppleWorks projects. I then went on to learn all about digital photography on Day 3. Mac School is efficiently organised and effectively taught. In particular, the handouts and personalised CD are excellent. JL, ably supported by David, is the ideal person to run such an initiative. She is enthusiastic, energetic and a master of her craft. She provides a great example of adult education at its very best and I left feeling a real sense of achievement - and that is what learning is all about. I can't recommend these courses enough - they are really great - so much so that I voluntarily gave JL an extra £20 - this really is top value learning. P.S. The food each day was excellent - I had lunch and dinner throughout - fresh high class food to restaurant standard.

©Mac School, 2002

Hello again, I'm Lilian Cooksey and I came back again to Mac School for the second time to do the complete 5 week Photoshop Stage I Certificate Course in February 2002.

I enjoyed all of my lessons in this Course, especially the Coursework at home (I passed my Course 'With Merit'!) and will no doubt be coming back again for more! Please hurry up and get Stage II ready!

©Mac School, 2002

Hello, I'm Colleen O'Neill, I'm Canadian and live here in Ulverston, Cumbria. I did Mac School in January and February 2002. I really liked my Mac School Beginner's Course - this Beginner's Mac is a great beginning for the self-taught intermediate Mac user - it fills in the gaps!

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